Tuesday, July 15, 2014

McCarthy Road, Stockholm/Winthrop, New York - Part 1

We had a rainy day and I was in no mood to work outdoors anyway, so I took a driving tour to McCarthy Road in the town of Stockholm, and especially in the hamlet of Winthrop (which is within the town of Stockholm):

McCarthy Road began less rural and more settled than I'd expected. This mobile home did not appear to be lived in any more:

There were well kept homes beneath old Maple trees:

Neat and tidy mobile homes:

And modular homes. Most every home and yard showed that someone had been spending time mowing and gardening. Many, perhaps most, homes had garden gnomes, planters, benches, birdbaths, etc. to ornament them:

This mobile home was a good example:

McCarthy Road began to get both more woodsy and more agricultural. This log home showed the more woodsy style:

There were hay fields, bordered with trees:

Old barns, some of them nearly fallen down:

Old farmsteads, all fixed up with split rail fences and Day-Lilies just about to bloom:

Someone had been doing some repairs on this old barn to keep in top-top shape:

And there was a series of hay fields, each of them with rail fencing along the road:

This modular had an outbuilding and lots of roses in bloom. I still hadn't seen any commercial agriculture, but we were nearing the hamlet of Winthrop, so I figured that I wasn't going to see any on this road. Yet I was only about half way along McCarthy Road. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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