Monday, July 7, 2014

County Route 52 and County Route 6 - Part 3

When I crossed from St. Lawrence County into Franklin County, the road became Route 6 in the town of Moira:

The homes continued to be neat, tidy and well kept:

This one old barn was about as "farmy" as I was to get that day, and it was no longer used - not as a barn, at any rate:

This was a lovely drive in beautiful weather, past immaculate homes with a small town atmosphere:

This home was nicely set back into the forest:

A modern style home with an American flag:

An older, stone house:

And a plain home with a chimney, surrounded by greenery:

I was surprised when I came to these giant piles:

Until I realized that I was at the Moira Town Highway Garage and other town offices:

I was almost at the end of my driving tour, but continued to enjoy the scenery and well kept homes:

The last photo I took was of this abandoned home and outbuildings. I chuckled as I realized that even the abandoned homes were neatly painted and well kept. This driving tour was not what I expected, but I'd enjoyed it very much:

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