Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dogs And Cats At Home

I am pleased to report that little PeeWee is nearly 100% back to where he was before his stroke. He's still a little dotty, and still nearly deaf and blind, but he's once again prancing and dancing with joy:

Three dogs and one cat sharing the floor pillows - back when we still had them. Bramble, the gray and white cat in this photo, began peeing on the floor pillows. I put a litter box in the corner and washed the pillows. Then I began removing the pillows one at a time as they were peed on:

 After the floor pillows were all gone, I put down two fleece dog beds. They are quicker and easier to wash:

 The Rugosa Roses are in bloom and perfuming the air with their sweet aroma:

PeeWee still enjoys sleeping half in, half out of his doggy beds:

Our beautiful weather and a secure fence has meant I've been able to leave the dogs out for longer periods. They like to sit and watch the chickens:

Draco found a new place to nap:

But Bramble still prefers the chair beneath the kitchen table:

Another shot of PeeWee in his downstairs dog bed:

My two angels. I moved Georgette's favorite cat tree over so she could be photographed with the angel on the wall. She liked the new placement of the cat tree and it's stayed there ever since:

All the dogs but Fergus (who was at my feet), enjoying the glories of summer:

Finally, a bedtime shot of little PeeWee and his gigantic friend, Seamus, in the bedroom:

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