Tuesday, July 1, 2014

St. Lawrence Power And Equipment Museum - Part 4

This portable sawmill was sawing logs while everyone watched. One man ran the equipment from inside a cab/booth, while this man removed the boards after they were cut:

He removed and stacked the slab wood in the trailer. He stacked the cut lumber with stickers/spacers off to the side:

There was also an enclosed sawmill of the type one still sees on local farms, but it wasn't operating the day I was there:

And then I entered the restored shoe shop:

Inside was all the paraphernalia of a real old shoe and leather repair shop:

Apparently this had once been a real business. How it came to be preserved in such pristine condition, I don't know:

And right next door to the shoe shop was this old time Texaco station:

Inside was all the paraphernalia of the original gas station, including six or seven guys, sitting around shooting the breeze. My current mechanic's shop is much like this in many ways, including the local guys who like to stop in and hang around:

Just outside the Texaco station was this 1930 Model A Coupe. It had only 22,000 actual miles, plus its original upholstery and brakes:

A horse drawn wagon was transporting folks around the grounds. I considered taking a ride, but it was already full:

I toured more antique autos:

I remember only that the maroon car was a Plymouth. Beyond that, all I can say is that my aunt used to have a car very similar to it when I was a boy - and it was old even then.  There were still lots more antique tractors and an entire barn full of antique washing machines, hand tools and the like. I took a quick run through the other exhibits and called it a day. But I'll be back again before the summer is over:

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