Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pet Update For June 24th

Don't worry, PeeWee was just sleeping in one of his favorite positions when I took this photo. He has, however, had a rough go of it with another, second stroke. I was unable to get him to the vet's on a Sunday night and by Monday morning he was recovering. He continued to improve each day after that and soon was almost back to his former self. This little dog is the ultimate survivor. He was given up by his family, almost killed by a big dog, and had two major strokes. But his happy, optimistic nature keeps resurfacing (as does his love of sleeping):

The other dogs are enjoying the summer weather. PeeWee was outdoors also when this photo was taken. He just wasn't on the ramp:

The Mock Orange has ceased blooming, but I got a photo of Clover near it before the white blossoms ended:

The floor pillows are gone now because Bramble the cat kept peeing on them. All that remains are two fleecy doggy beds and the dogs and cats share them. In this instance, it was Clover, Fergus and Daphne:

Seamus, Fergus and Daphne on the living room floor:

PeeWee again, this time sleeping in his upstairs dog bed. Or was he saying his bedtime prayers?:

Dogs enjoying the backyard:

Bramble found a new place to rest in the living room:

Another shot of Seamus, Fergus and Daphne on the living room floor. They are three amigos and are often found together:

Was Bramble having a conversation with the chainsaw bear?:

Bedtime at the farm. PeeWee and Seamus have soft dog beds on the floor, while Clover, Daphne and Fergus sleep on the bed with me:

And Seamus often inches over to be next to his little buddy, PeeWee:

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