Wednesday, July 16, 2014

McCarthy Road, Stockholm/Winthrop, New York - Part 2

McCarthy Road had begun rather heavily settled, at least for this rural area, but I saw more farms as I continued along, including this field full of recently baled hay:

There were long stretches of forest along the road:

And stone walls:

Old farm houses:

This place looked historic and I wasn't sure anyone even lived here until I saw lights on inside:

This old barn had been put to use as a garage for a modern vehicle:

This small barn was so old that I don't think it was used anymore at all:

I could see a large body of water, probably a beaver marsh, behind the trees and grape vines:

I passed through more forest:

This place looked too small to be a house and it was rather far off the road. But then I noticed the bicycle and the groomed lawn. Maybe it was a house:

An old farm house and barn:

Another old farmstead:

This square house had a welcoming look to it with its outdoor lights on because of the rain. It made a fitting end to my driving tour of McCarthy Road. I put my camera away and continued on to the Agway store to buy feed:

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