Monday, July 28, 2014

Tupper Lake Woodsmen's Days - Part 1

I'd looked forward to seeing the Woodsmen's Days for a long time. The weekend arrived and I drove the scenic roads to Tupper Lake. I parked, paid my admission and began walking into the chainsaw carving area. There were many partially finished sculptures, some of which I couldn't yet identify:

And finished sculptures such as these eagles, tables, bears and benches:

The parade was over but some of the floats were still parked along the shore of the lake:

I continued walking and snapping pictures of the chainsaw sculptures. There were wizards and sea gods and, of course, more bears:

And more parked parade floats:

An unfinished eagle, capturing a fish:

A cryptic figure beside a tree with an owl:

And smaller, finished sculptures:

Eagles, owls, bears, frogs, deer:

And, always, lots more bears, the original and perennial chainsaw sculpture subject:

I enjoyed the chainsaw sculptures but had a lot more yet to see, so I kept walking. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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