Friday, July 25, 2014

More Farm Photos

There's been a lot going on around the farm this summer. This is the baby fantail pigeon at 8 days old:

And at 10 days old - indeed, a face which only a mother could love:

Also 10 days old, looking a bit like an attacking eagle:

The proud parents:

The baby chicks are still peeping but now look like chickens. This is one of them at one month old:

The yellow Asiatic lilies bloomed before the orange ones:

The ditches along the road and adjacent to my fields sported cattails:

Milkweeds bloomed, filling the outdoors with a fragrance which reminded me of a florist's shop:

There will only be a very few pears this year, but those few have been developing nicely:

A view of the barn and house from the north field:

A neighbor's field, which I am guessing was planted in soybeans:

Corn has had two difficult growing seasons, but grass hay always grows well around here. This also was a neighbor's field, and directly across the road from the soybeans:

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