Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Afternoon At The Farm

The dogs and I were making a weekend visit to the farm and we'd gotten ourselves settled in. The dogs, in this case Clover and Fergus, were napping comfortably:

Wally chose one of his favorite spots to relax, hidden beneath the kitchen table:

And I went without doggy accompaniment on a walking tour of the farm, beginning with the flowering apple and pear trees:

They were even lovelier close up:

A quick view of the fruit trees with the barn in the background:

I didn't see any honeybees at work, but some species of large bumblebee was working those apple blossoms with great vigor:

I began mowing the lawn, and believe me there's a lot to mow. Alas, I hit a large rock and ruined the blades before I finished:

Since I couldn't finish the mowing I went back indoors, feeling secretly relieved but also guilty for feeling happy about it. I opened the door to my apartment to let in the spring air and see the flowering crabs in bloom:

The dogs ate some dinner while I decided what to do next:

C'mon Dad, can't we do something exciting?

I decided to put the dogs out in their fenced run to relieve their doggy bladders and then take the younger ones hiking. I'll post about that tomorrow:

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