Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lovely Views From The Keene Valley And Marcy Field

I'd been on my way home from a two night stay at the farm and was traveling southward through the Adirondacks with all six dogs in the car. We'd made more rest stops than ever before and, even though this trip as taking longer than usual, it was more enjoyable and scenic. After our stop at the Keene Cemetery, we continued toward the main highway and as we approached Marcy Field, I just had to stop for a few more shots of the surrounding high peaks:

Marcy Field used to be a airfield, but is now apparently kept mowed as a gathering spot for farmers markets and the like. It's also a grand place to pull of the road and step out of the car with camera in hand:

Marcy Field is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the Adirondacks and, having once been a high peaks hiker myself, I always figure there's adventurous and healthy trekkers atop those mountains:

It appears I won't be climbing them myself anymore, at least the really high ones, but as I look out at those peaks I imagine myself there:

Marcy Field is quite large, perhaps 15 acres, and has an old white farm house along the road. This was apparently once a farm field. Imagine mowing hay or tending cattle surrounded by such scenery:

But as always, I had to press on toward home. I snapped a quick shot of this lower, closer mountain as I got back into my car:

And one more quick shot as we passed by the old white farm house. We were getting closer to the main highway now and I thought that perhaps this would be the last photo I would take for this trip:

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