Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grass Pond Public Fishing Access Site

We continued on our journey home along the Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike through the northern Adirondacks. I've driven this series of roads often enough that I've become fairly familiar with the route. But on this trip I was discovering lots of new attractions I'd missed formerly. But at one point I saw a brand new sign, recently set at the edge of the road. There was a newly constructed boardwalk and room for two cars to park. It was a public fishing access. Well, no one else was around, so I stopped to explore:

The dogs were excited to be let out of the car once again and happily trotted down the brand spanking new boardwalk as it sloped downhill toward Grass Pond:

Wild Viburnum in bloom along the way. I tried to look up the species, but had no success. I guess I'll have to be happy just admiring it's beauty:

We walked down the boardwalk to Grass Pond. It was a wild and pristine body of water:

Seamus considered wading in for a repeat performance of his recent swamp mud bathing, but in the end, decided against it:

Grass Pond was narrow where we stood, but appeared to stretch out for a long distance in the other direction. This would be a marvelous place to canoe, though I wouldn't want to do it with six dogs:

The Adirondacks in spots such as this are completely wild but also accessible. There are few if any other people and one can enjoy the wilderness without hiking for many miles:

But we were on our way home, so we began trotting back up the boardwalk toward our car:

There had been no cars passing by on the road since we'd parked. I really felt as if I had the Adirondacks to myself at that point. The dogs jumped happily back up into the car and we resumed our journey homeward with Seamus still smelling like swamp mud from a former rest stop adventure:

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