Sunday, June 19, 2011

Return To The Grafton Fire Tower Trail, Part 4

It'd been a wonderful hike. I'd been to (and climbed) the Grafton Fire Tower, hiked the Chet Bell Loop and generally enjoyed a day in the woods with four of my dogs. But the day was hot so we hiked a bit farther down to the shoreline of Long Pond. Seamus knew just what to do and did not hesitate:

Little Clover and Daphne were not so sure:

Well, the little dogs could dither all they wanted, but Seamus was going for full immersion:

"Ha ha, you little wimps. I dare you to come in!":

I waded out myself, shoes and all. Long Pond was lovely and pristine. It was a fine day, both for hiking and for getting wet:

There were a few other hikers nearby, everyone enjoying the views:

When I emerged from the lake, cold water spewing out of my sneakers, Fergus, Daphne and Clover looked at me like I was nuts:

It wasn't too far back to the car, but it seemed like it with soggy feet. I bid farewell to Long Pond, taking one last look, and headed back to the car:

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