Monday, June 6, 2011

An Excptional Adirondack Rest Stop, Part 2

The dogs and I were traveling homeward through the northern Adirondacks, taking as many small back roads as possible. I'd turned off onto a small dirt lane entering the forest. We all piled out of the car and took a nice walk. Then we came to an old beaver dam. Both Seamus and Daphne were very interested - not so much in the dam, but in the muddy water it held back:

Seamus was hot and thirsty. There was a cool pond. He was going in!:

Oh, it felt so good! Oh, it was so cool!:

Seamus got in deeper and deeper, getting increasingly muddy. When he decided he'd had enough, he also discovered that he'd sunk down into the mud and couldn't move. All 130 pounds of him were sinking like the bad guy in quicksand in an old Tarzan movie. I didn't know how I'd get him out, but he managed to extricate himself. Clover came over to see what was going on:

We were heading back to the car when I noticed a grassy lane leading off into the forest in another direction. Well, Seamus was covered with stinky swamp mud, so why not walk farther and give him some time to drip dry?:

So I headed off with six dogs along the grassy lane which followed a small brook:

After another nice walk, we returned to the car. Seamus still smelled like rotten swamp mud and would continue to stink for another few days (and so would my car). But it was time to continue our journey southward, so we jumped in the car and headed out along the Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike:

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