Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seamus Gets His First Beauty Treatment

I can't afford to take my dogs to groomers, but when I tore a calf muscle recently, I was just too lame to get down on the floor and give giant Seamus the haircut he needed. So I made an appointment at PetSmart and hoped for the best. It took over 5 hours for them to finish, but when I picked him up I was stunned. He was quite the handsome dog. He actually looked like a Poodle, at least in the face. I even tipped the groomer. I brought him straight home and snapped his picture beside a rose bush:

The other dogs were overjoyed to see their big buddy, and especially little Clover, who jumped all over him. The dogs went out into the back yard together to do their business, enjoy the sunshine and annoy the neighbors:

Crabby little old Winky thought Seamus looked and smelled funny, but I thought he had been transformed into a beauty:

Clover is in love with Seamus anyway, and was happy to flirt with her newly beautified beau:

All the dogs enjoyed a few minutes of getting reacquainted before we went back indoors:

Seamus' no longer has a wooly, greasy, sheep-like coat but a soft frizzy Afro. Well, that'll last until the next time he covers himself with swamp mud. I'll just enjoy it as long as I can:

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