Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scenic Beauty Along The Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike

I was driving home through the Adirondacks with my six dogs after a weekend up at the farm. We were driving along the seldom traveled roads comprising the Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike. The traffic was almost nonexistent and the scenery was world class:

I'd been making many rest stops to give the dogs (and myself) a chance to stretch their legs and explore the Adirondack wilderness. I knew this would be a lengthy journey because of all the stops:

The Adirondack Park is filled with wetlands, marshes, streams, ponds and lakes - water everywhere, and mountains too:

There were wild Azaleas blooming in the bushes at the edge of this pond:

And Loons calling out on the open waters:

I kept driving, my car windows open to allow in the aromas of Balsam Fir, Pine and mossy forests. Clouds drifted slowly across the tops of nearby mountains:

Even as we drove through pine forests, mountains rose up on all sides. This scene reminded me very much of my childhood days with relatives in Oregon. Those are happy memories:

We passed through some flat lands where water lapped the shores adjacent to the road:

On back roads such as these, one can view the wilderness from a car window, or just park the car on the road and step out to explore. There really was no other traffic:


  1. Home.
    I grew up near Saranac, NY and these were my weekend adventure backroads. I especially loved the Silver Lake area & the road from Loon Lake to Duane (Rt. 99). A pick-up truck (with good ground clearance) in the spring and early summer & my MGB in late summer and fall (top down) were perfect conveyances.

  2. It's a beautiful stretch of roads, all right. I love exploring the back roads in good weather, though I stick to the highways in the winter.