Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Memorial Day Taste Of Americana, Part 2

This Memorial Day was like old times. I went to a Parade Party in historic Lansingburgh, New York (see yesterday's post). So this parade was particularly filled with Americana. Kevin, the young boy in blue who figures so prominently in many of these photos, was part of our group:

The large unidentified animal marching down the street is, I think, the mascot for the Troy Valley Cats, a baseball team. The red van is possibly an antique bread truck from a local bakery:

Aaargh! I'm so old that this convertible just looks like a regular car to me, not a classic:

Bagpipes. Now we're talking:

Troy Motor Boat Club. Who knew? I'm guessing that they mostly boat in the Hudson River, which is quite large from Troy south to New York City:

All drums and brass:

And there's Kevin again, this time waving to a float bearing a 9-11 memorial:

Towns on the Hudson River need speed boats on hand for water rescue:

A High School band, though I am not sure which school. And there's Kevin, still waving:

Police and fire departments. Kevin, still enthusiastic after so much parade has passed by, continued to wave:

When the parade was over, street sweepers roared up the street picking up debris and it was time for our barbecue to begin. Our group was meeting at a friend's restored old brick house:

And we picnicked on his shaded porch:

Burgers and hot dogs burned on the grill and everyone was happy. This to me was a bit of friendly, home town Americana to be savored, a memory to be stored and cherished:

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