Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Memorial Day Taste Of Americana, Part 1

I'm not a big lover of parades, but I sure do have a special place in my heart for Memorial Day parades. To begin with, Memorial Day has always been my birthday, at least until they changed the holiday to Mondays. This year, with Memorial Day on the 30th, was like old times. I went to a Parade Party in historic Lansingburgh, New York, one time home of Herman Melville. Lansingburgh is also part of Troy, New York, home of Uncle Sam. So this parade was particularly filled with Americana like these marching sailors:

The little boy in the red white and blue Uncle Sam hat was Kevin, a youngster from our group who seemed to be experiencing the wonders of Memorial Day parades for the first time. Here, he's watching a fife and drum band:

A short bit of video of the fife and drum band, although I only managed to capture one final note of the fifes:

The sign on their float says "Don't Ever Forget 9-11-01." I don't quite get the concept of happy, flag waving euphoria as a means of celebrating such an event, but then I don't seem to understand a great deal of conservative thought. But they were happy and patriotic and everyone was having a joyful day:

There's Kevin again, though he took off his Uncle Sam hat because it was so darn hot. Kevin is watching what I think was the Troy High School band:

I didn't know what kind of organization the Troy Patriots was, but they sure had a big contingent at the parade. And they didn't have to march in that heat. And there's Kevin again, waving happily. He got a lot of candy thrown his way from the parade participants:

Lots of fire engines, both modern and antique:

The Lansingburgh VFW. These old guys knew better than to try to march. They rode in comfort:

The Red Caps, an adult marching band. And there's Kevin again, this time with hat back on:

The Miss Uncle Sam Pageant winners. The little girl on the front throne broke into tears just before I snapped this picture and had to be rescued by her mom. It was cute and sweet:

Little League members:

And more from a different Little League team:

Drums and bagpipes. Now we're talking! I'll post more of the parade tomorrow:

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