Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Afternoon Neighborhood Drama

I'd torn a calf muscle and was spending much time in bed. On a recent Sunday afternoon, I was resting comfortably in my upstairs bedroom when I heard a loud explosion and saw the telephone/electric wires outside my window bouncing and stretching wildly. A moment later, my electricity went out and I saw smoke filling the air. I hobbled downstairs and found that something had happened on the pole above this neighbor's white pickup truck:

In fact, it had left burn marks all over the hood of his brand new, expensive vehicle:

On the concrete below the pole was a smoking blob of..........something. Looking really closely, we thought we saw feathers. Perhaps a bird was electrocuted?:

And overhead, it appeared that one electric line was attached by a mere thread:

An hour or so later, our electricity went out again. But then a National Grid truck arrived to fix the problem. The workman insisted that the smoking blob was all plastic, not a bird. Well, that was our small neighborhood excitement for the weekend. We take our drama where we can find it:

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