Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stopping At The Keene Cemetery

It was beginning to seem to me that this trip home from the farm would take forever (perhaps if you're a regular reader it seems that way to you also). But the day was so gorgeous that when I got to the Keene Cemetery, I just had to stop and give the dogs yet one more rest stop. I drove up to the highest, most remote part of the cemetery, parked my car and let the dogs out:

The dogs knew the routine and ran straight for the woods:

Winky and Wally, however, were not runners but amblers and I had to wait patiently for them to catch up:

There were great paths through the pine forest above the cemetery and the dogs were happy to give them a thorough sniffing and run through:

I could see Adirondack mountains in several directions:

This is as close to heaven as I am able to imagine:

We took a brief walk:

And then headed back to the car:

The dogs ran back across the lawn and hopped up into the car. We were going to arrive in Albany later than anticipated, but we were once again on our way:

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