Friday, June 3, 2011

Fort Jackson State Forest, Part 2

There are many state forests in the area around the farm, and Fort Jackson State Forest is the closest. So, having the afternoon free, I took the four youngest dogs for a hike to see it for myself. Daphne was having a grand time, and unafraid of exploring solo. But little Clover was really the brave one. If you look closely (or click to enlarge the photo), you'll see Clover far off to the left:

Big ol' Seamus mostly lumbered along beside me, but the three youngsters raced full speed through the trees:

There were a few flowers in bloom. This, for obvious reasons, is called Star Flower:

We mostly followed wood roads, but with occasional side trips off into the forest:

And one of those side trips yielded a spring where the dogs got to drink and cool off:

When we turned around to find our car, I veered through the logged off area. It had its own charms:

Daphne went on full alert, thinking she'd heard something. But apparently it was the toys in her own attic:

When we reached the car, the dogs were still so full of energy that they ran in circles. I guess I'll have to make it a longer or steeper hike next time. But for that day, it was time to return to the farm and make dinner:

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  1. I'm planning on being in Massena for their Civil War re-enactment ( and was looking for a different route into the Adirondacks from there when I wondered what might be in the Fort Jackson State Forest. That's how I got to your blog. Interesting read. Looks like a great place for a retirement farm.