Friday, June 10, 2011

The More Civilized High Peaks Region

Traveling the Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike on our way home had taken us through the wilds of the northern Adirondacks where there had been no other traffic of any kind. But when we arrived in the tiny town of Loon Lake, I began seeing signs of civilization. This former golf course must have been a tourist attraction in the past. It drew no one any longer, but it sure had nice views:

After several extensive "rest stops" where the dogs got out of the car to romp and explore, I finally turned onto Route 86 and we entered into the high peaks region. There I encountered both traffic and people. But still the scenery was first rate:

I stopped in the area of Mount Marcy to photograph these high peaks with clouds drifting amongst them:

I spotted this Adirondack themed store and decided to stop in and have a look:

They had fantastic furniture and home accessories, exquisitely made and displayed - but way beyond my price range:

But still I enjoyed looking around and dreaming of filling the farm house with such items one day. No, never mind. The dogs would just chew it and the cats would scratch it. I would be content just looking:

But I finally bought my sister a birthday gift (she doesn't read this blog), carved from a solid chunk of cedar tree:

Perfectly formed and fitted little drawers had been miraculously carved into the cedar log:

And each drawer was velvet lined. I felt better now that I had something nice for my sister and her husband. I carefully placed my new treasure out of reach of the dogs and continued on my way home:

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