Friday, June 17, 2011

Return To The Grafton Fire Tower Trail, Part 2

I'd returned to the Grafton Fire Tower Trail and this time found it. I tied the dogs to some very small trees at its base and climbed up the 60 feet to the cab at the top of the fire tower. The view was amazing in spite of the summer haze:

There were rolling hills turning into more distant mountains in every direction. It was no wonder that this was a good spot to watch for fires:

I could see the Taconic Mountains, Vermont's Green Mountains, the Adirondack Mountains, the Berkshires and the Rensselaer Plateau. The president of Friends Of Grafton Fire Tower climbed up behind me and identified many of the scenes I was looking at:

Just below us was Dickinson Swamp. Since the fire tower is atop Dickinson Hill, I suppose the family who once owned this land was - well, you know:

This is what I heard (birdsong and wind) and saw:

The winds were howling up there, turning an otherwise hot and muggy day a bit chilly:

And far below me, my four dogs waited impatiently, barking to get me to hurry up:

When I reached the ground, I released my dogs and explored the area a bit. I'll bet this was the outhouse which the fire tower observers used:

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