Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Arriving At The Farm

It had been a long drive, but the dogs and I arrived at the farm and found it looking marvelous, the apple and pear trees all decked out in their flowery finery:

The little goldfish pond was encircled with flowers and the new tenants had a feeder out to attract hummingbirds:

The Bleeding Hearts were in full bloom:

One of the Flowering Crabs was covered with spherical pink buds:

And the other Flowering Crab's flowers were fully opened, already past their prime:

I put the dogs inside their fenced run and little Clover immediately began finding escape holes which I blocked with concrete blocks:

A Baltimore Oriole seemed to be accompanying me on my inspection tour, flying from apple tree to apple tree and singing. He and his mate had a nest in one of the giant, rotten old maple trees I'd had cut down. I suppose they were shocked to return this spring and find their home tree vanished, but apparently they've built a new nest and are doing just fine:

Strawberry plants were growing rapidly around the goldfish pond:

We went indoors, into my little apartment and the dogs made themselves comfortable. Winky fell asleep on a floor pillow:

Clover and Fergus snoozed on my bed:

Seamus just sprawled out on the floor:

Daphne found herself a nice, soft pillow also. Well, we'd arrived and this time I planned to stay for two nights instead of just one. I'll post more tomorrow:

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