Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Beautiful High Peaks Country

The dogs and I were heading to the farm to spend the night and to show the farm house to potential renters. We'd made it through the High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks and were approaching Paul Smith's when I stopped to snap a few pictures f the nearby mountains:

The fields were still brown but the mountaintop snow appeared to be melted. Spring had arrived in the Adirondacks:

We turned north on Route 30 as we continued on our way. I did not stop at Mountain Pond as I felt sure its access road would be flooded. But I did turn onto the entrance to the Hays Brook Horse Trail, knowing it was level and not too close to water. Alas, I found that it was also impassable:

Stymied once again, the dogs and I were anxious for a rest stop. And yes, that is indeed snow you see in front of the car:

So we kept driving and as the sky cleared, the Adirondack vistas opened up with great beauty before us:

I stopped to take a picture and you can almost read Daphne's mind in this photo. She seems to be wondering, "Where the heck is our rest stop?!?":

Route 458 took us to the end of the Adirondack Park. We were almost to the farm at that point. You can see Canada in the distance from here. If I can see another country from my house, does that qualify me to run for Vice-President?:

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