Monday, May 16, 2011

The Final Leg Of Our Journey Home

The dogs and I traveled south of the town of Tupper Lake to the town of Long Lake. But when we arrived at the northern edge of town I found two State Troopers blocking traffic and turning people back. I stopped and asked what was the recommended detour but they had no ideas except for me to drive all the way back north to Tupper Lake and take Route 3 east. They said they didn't know if that was closed also. I'd have to drive there to find out. So I drove the entire route back north and then east on Route 3 to Saranac Lake. Route 3 was a lonely stretch of two lane highway right through the Adirondacks:

When we finally arrived in Keene, New York, we all wanted a rest stop. So I pulled into our secret campsite along the Ausable River and let the dogs out for a good run through the forest:

I made it a point to stay far from the swollen Ausable River and up on dry land. The dogs were happy and I was enjoying it also:

Even Wally got up some speed as he trotted along the forest path:

We all went exploring, though only for a few minutes. We'd been on the road for a very long time and were still almost two hours away from Albany:

Winky had trouble keeping up with the other dogs, but it didn't bother him one bit:

The three youngsters ran full speed through the trees:

Seamus has become more placid and doesn't do much running these days:

But the time came for us to turn around and make our way back to our parked car. We then finished the trip back to Albany:

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