Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Checking Out The Exterior Of The Farm

I'd arrived at the farm and inspected the interior of the farm house, finding everything clean and ready to show to prospective tenants. I then put the dogs out in their fenced yard while I took a walk around the exterior:

The skies by then were blue and it would have been lovely weather except that the winds were gusting with great force, enough so to be downright alarming. But they were not enough to prevent me from touring the grounds:

The barn could use roofing and siding, but I already knew that. Otherwise it looked good:

I kept hearing a loud banging, so checked the south side of the barn and found some steel siding flapping wildly in the strong winds. I brought out a step ladder and climbed up as high as I dared to drive a few more nails into the side in an effort to keep the siding from coming off completely. Just before I bought the place, a windstorm ripped off the sliding barn door here and splintered it. The new door has several locks on the inside to prevent that from happening again:

From the south side of the barn I looked back at the farm house where the dogs were watching my every move and wondering why they couldn't come along:

I walked across the road to pay a visit with my friendly neighbors. This is the view of my own house and barn from the county road:

The view of my farm house as seen from the neighbors' front porch:

Ah, spring had finally arrived in the north country and I had daffodils blooming to prove it:

The dogs busied themselves with doggy pursuits:

And the two Papillon puppies wrestled and ran in circles:

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