Saturday, May 7, 2011

Traveling Through The Very Wet Adirondacks

The dogs and I were on our way northward through the Adirondack Mountains to spend a night at the farm. But the heavy rains of the previous few days had left everything flooded. It wasn't raining that morning, so I hoped the worst was over. But I found flooding everywhere and had to detour a long way around a closed Route 73. When I finally arrived back at the open section of Route 73, I saw what at first glance appeared to be a lake:

But it was the very flooded field at the intersection of Routes 73 and 9N:

I considered a brief stop at the Keene Cemetery, but the bridge was closed, apparently for fear the rushing river underneath might take it out. The section of Route 73 heading east was closed to traffic. But we were, thanks to the long detour we'd just taken, heading west:

We drove peacefully through the High Peaks Region, though the clouds and fog prevented any nice pictures. I had to drive through a flooded road in the town of Saranac Lake. When we arrived in Brighton, New York, the fog lifted enough to show me some lovely hillsides:

And a peaceful Adirondack horse farm:

The Adirondack forest was lining the road in most places:

The cemetery in Brighton was closed, but I parked next to the entrance and shot a few photos of the surrounding Adirondack peaks:

The mountains seem farther away when it is foggy and cloudy than they do when it is clear. But it was soon time to continue on our way to the farm. I'll post more tomorrow:

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