Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Busy Afternoon Up At The Farm

Thursday, April 28th. I'd driven up to the farm to show the house to prospective tenants. My cell phone had locked up and was no longer useable so I drove to Massena to buy another one. When I could find no clerk to help me I gave up and began returning home figuring I'd use the neighbors' phone to contact people coming to see the house. On the way home from Massena I noticed that I could see the Adirondacks from the highway. They're really only a few miles away:

When I arrived at my farm I took note of the sign my new Amish neighbor had placed on the telephone pole:

He's an industrious man who has fashioned himself a farm out of what was solid forest less than a year ago. He's been selling firewood and now is offering his expertise with horses. I haven't met him yet, but have seen him hard at work as I drive by his place:

I showed the farm house to a nice young couple who seemed to want to rent it and then settled in for the night with my dogs:

It had been a very long and frustrating day. I was tired and so, apparently, were the pooches:

Daphne found her place on the bed and Winky snoozed on a floor pillow while I made dinner for myself:

Wally just likes to be out of the way. I'd eventually lift him up onto the bed to spend the night:

Clover has her own floor pillow which she considers her own:

Seamus and Fergus are inseparable and happy as long as they're together:
The next morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and a very busy songbird community. Here's a sample of what it looked like and sounded like:

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