Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Adirondack Town Of Newcomb, New York

The dogs and I were driving up to the farm through the Adirondacks via Route 28N and had already seen some magnificent scenery. We'd had a rest stop along a bubbling brook and stretched our legs. Then we arrived in the small town of Newcomb, New York. I parked across the street from a small church so that I could photograph the high peaks visible just over the tree line:
These mountains are much closer than they appear here, just a few miles away in fact:

Just beyond those trees stand a few of the Adirondacks' higher peaks. The town of Newcomb is a great place to get a view:

The grassy field in town appeared to be a park, and there was a monument identifying those mountains visible from that spot:

I got back into my car and continued on, enjoying the small town sights. It felt much like going back in time:

This rather ramshackle looking general store may or may not have still been in business. I couldn't tell by looking and I didn't try the door. I suspect because of the ice machine, however, that it was indeed open for business:

Lake Harris abuts the town and runs right along the highway:

I stopped with the dogs near the water's edge for a few shots of that wonderful, pristine Adirondack lake:
One more photo and we were on our way once again:

And just outside of Newcomb we crossed over this scenic Adirondack stream. Believe it or not, this is the Hudson River, just south of its origin but far north of where it becomes a major river:

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