Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun With Dogs, Part 1

It's been some time since I posted photos of the dogs at work. I take five of them to work with me on Saturdays, leaving Winky at home in my bedroom. Since I am the only person in the office on Saturdays, the dogs provide me some companionship and I provide them an opportunity to get out and see new places and meet new people (the warehouse employees and the customers). But the big attraction, the one which most amuses and fascinates the customers, is the dog piles. This is especially true with regard to Clover snoozing on top of Seamus:

"He sure does make for a good mattress:"

Wally rarely gets right into the dog piles, but he certainly is a part of the pack:

Being big, fat and soft - and with a thick coat of wool besides, Seamus is a soft pillow on which a skinny little Papillon can catch a nap. For his part, Seamus has found his own pillow on which to lay his head, his little buddy Fergus:

Daphne also appreciates a little softness now and then:

Instead of joining the pile, Wally mugged for the camera, hoping I'd pick him up as I often do:

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