Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tupper Lake Was Flooded And Bog River Was Raging

The dogs and I were traveling south toward Albany and hoping we wouldn't be stopped by any of the flooding which had closed so many roads in the Adirondacks. I had to take one minor detour as we entered the town of Tupper Lake, but after that the drive went well. In the southern part of the town, however, the houses along the shore of Tupper Lake were seriously flooded:

Beautiful shoreline houses were inundated with water:

Children must have lived in this house because their playground toys were flooded:

This house was so far off in the flooded area that I suppose it could only be reached by boat:

But a casual glance across the main part of Tupper Lake appeared as calm and lovely as ever:

We traveled south of the town, the highway still following the shoreline of Tupper Lake. I saw a small side road to a picnic area and took it just to investigate. An old stone bridge crossed the Bog River where it flowed into Tupper Lake and it was a raging torrent:

I parked near the bridge and walked to the center of it to video the flooded, dangerous Bog River. I confess that I was a bit worried that even that massive stone bridge might be taken down by the swollen river:

When I was done, I walked back to where the dogs anxiously waited:

But then I noticed that I could easily walk right down to the raging river:

The river was so hugely flooded and rushing at such terrifying speed that I was afraid to get too close. A simple misstep would mean I'd be gone instantly and likely never found:

Here's a video of the Bog River flowing under the bridge and into Tupper Lake:

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