Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Head Once Again Up To The Farm

It'd only been 10 days since I'd been up to the farm, but the lawn needed mowing and the new tenants needed their keys. On Sunday morning I attended both a meditation group and Unitarian Universalist service. Then I came home, packed the car, loaded up the dogs and headed north. When we reached the Ausable River in Keane, New York this time, we stopped the car and made our way right down to the riverbank:

The younger dogs ran full speed along the riverside trail until they reached a campsite and fire pit. That stopped them in their tracks, I suppose because of the lingering aromas of campfire cooked foods:

Wally trotted along at his own speed, quite a way behind the young pups but ahead of Winky:

Little old Winky just could not keep up, but with his crabby and independent spirit, it certainly didn't bother him:

We explored the woods a bit:

And then we turned around and headed back toward our car. By that time Wally and Winky were together. Two short-legged old doggies enjoying an Adirondack mini adventure:

Seamus and Daphne went down to the Ausable River to get their feet wet. Can't you just hear Seamus asking, "Does this picture make my hips look fat?":

The riverbanks were covered with emerald moss and the the tree canopy was mostly hemlocks:

Wally, Clover, Daphne and Fergus check out the rocky shoreline. Well actually, Daphne is checking out Fergus' butt:

These rest stops must be brief and we were soon back in the car and on our way. But first, the two Papillon puppies had to get some silliness out of their systems by racing full speed through the woods:

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