Sunday, May 29, 2011

Passing Through The Town Of Tupper Lake

Still on our way to the farm through the Adirondacks, the dogs and I made another rest stop alongside the road near a beautiful little brook just outside of the town of Tupper Lake:

Daphne and Clover, the lively young Papillons, had everything explored and sniffed by the time the older dogs had managed to arrive at a clearing:

Fergus usually keeps up with "The Silly Sisters," as I've taken to calling the Papillons, but this time he accompanied slow old Winky through the forest:

Seamus investigated everything. He may have slowed down, but with those long legs can still cover ground rapidly:

As we enjoyed the scenery and forest aromas, I made a mental note that hiking in the Adirondacks should wait until black fly season was over. I was getting bit every few seconds:

I called all the dogs back to the car and we resumed our journey:

The cliffs rose high up along the road as we arrived at Tupper Lake, that is the actual lake, just south of the town:

The lake was no longer flooded as it was when we last passed this way. It was, however, exceedingly lovely:

Adirondack mountains rose up all around the lake:

Living in the midst of such natural beauty would be a wonderful thing, except perhaps in the wintertime or in black fly season:

I took one last photo of beautiful Tupper Lake:

I'd shot some photos and explored a bit while the dogs waited anxiously in the car. So I hurried back to resume our journey to the farm:

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