Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun With Dogs, Part 2

Here are a few more pictures of the dogs at work (minus Winky, who stays at home) on Saturdays. The dogs are super-charged when we first arrive on Saturday morning and greet every customer. Seamus puts his giant paws right up on the counter while Daphne, Clover and Wally trot over to the baby gate to beg for attention. Fergus, being a bit of a Nervous Nelly, usually hides behind my leg. But very soon greeting customers becomes old hat and the dog pile sleeping begins:

"Hey, over here! Come pet us! We are abused and neglected and never ever get any affection!":

Clover has perfected the technique of using Seamus for a mattress:

They move about the office, trying new dog pile locations as the spirit moves:

Wally never joins right in, but he does sometimes enjoy just being nearby:

"Hey, are you looking at me?":

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