Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miniature Roses

Of course you already know that I love all things miniature, and I've especially loved those tiny teacup roses one sees for sale at the grocery store. I used to have trouble growing them as house plants and one day asked at a nursery if there was a secret to keeping them alive. He said that no one had much success growing them indoors, that the secret was growing them OUTdoors. He said that they were very hardy and most of them were, in fact, raised in Canada. So I recently bought two tiny rose bush plants and installed them in my back yard concrete turtle planter:

I've grown miniature roses outdoors before and found that they were indeed hardy. But the problem was their tiny size. They quickly became overgrown with tall weeds. So I hope that planting them in a container might solve that problem. If it works, it'll also mean that I won't have to buy a Geranium each year to put in this planter:

The dogs were playing in the back yard and having a grand time while I was transplanting the little roses . My old Lilac was blooming in the background:

Seamus has reached the age (and weight) where he no longer runs and plays much, but he likes to supervise the puppies as they indulge in their silliness:

My new miniature roses are growing and blooming profusely. If I remember correctly, they tend to bloom pretty much all year long. So I have high hopes for their future:

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