Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Pictures From A Drive Through The Adirondacks

There were a few shots from my drive southward through the Adirondacks on September 21 that didn't seem to fit in any other category. So I present them here, more or less in chronological order.

The first is a farm field filled with wild turkeys. As I snapped this shot I thought that since wild turkeys are seemingly more common than house sparrows, I would stop taking pictures of them. I suspect that I will be unable to abide by that decision as I studied Wildlife Biology in a time and place where turkeys, like Canada Geese and beavers, were rare and desirable species:
Golden fields, autumn leaves and Adirondack high peaks alongside State Route 86:

The red blush in the nearest hills is steadily spreading:

This scene is Lake Flower, in "downtown" Saranac Lake:

Again, the town of Saranac Lake as seen from the public dock on Lake Flower. The bigger buildings you see are part of the business district there:

This is one of the many unnamed, or at least unmarked, ponds which are common along many routes in the Adirondacks:

There isn't a lot of flat land for farming in the Adirondacks, but where there is a hay field, it makes a beautiful scene with mountains in the background. If you click this photo to enlarge it, you'll see the red color spreading across that closest mountain:

This farm house and barn is near the intersection which leads to the base camp used to hike up Mount Marcy, highest peak in New York State:

And this lovely scene was actually a driving range. Golf balls littered the grass:

And finally, a typical autumn scene from my drive on State Route 73 descending down into Keane Valley:

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