Thursday, October 22, 2009

Provincetown and Herring Cove - Part 2

I took an afternoon walk around Provincetown. This wharf juts out from the center of town:

And this patio was part of a restaurant on Commercial Street:

A Bed and Breakfast popular with some of our chorus people:

I drove to Herring Cove and Race Point to see the National Seashore. This immature Herring Gull was quite used to people:

Another immature Herring Gull. It appears to me that, similar to pigeons, the young gulls get temporarily bigger than the adults. As they acquire their adult coloration, they also shrink in size. I was unable to verify this on the internet, but I will keep looking:

I explored a walkway along the dunes:

While at Herring Cove I saw a wind-sailor out in the ocean. That's him on what appeared to be a surfboard below that ship in the lower left of the picture. By the way, you can see the Race Point light house toward the lower right of the picture:

Some cars pulled in and the gulls went berserk, clearly accustomed to being fed by the tourists. They didn't act that way when I parked my car, so I'm guessing they recognized the importance of a car with children it. Look at the delighted look on that kid's face!:

The Herring Gulls have the gray backs (the immatures are brownish), and these are the appropriately named Black-Backed Gulls:

These children are having a grand time feeding the gulls:

This girl got more food from her mother because she loved the gulls:

Incoming! Incoming! Reinforcements on the way!

And the wind-sailor came ashore, so I was able to see his sail up close:

The sail was larger than I would have supposed, while the surfboard was much smaller than I'd guessed. Clearly, it was a great deal of work to fold everything back up. And I can't begin to imagine how terribly cold that water was:

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