Friday, October 9, 2009

At The Farm And Beginning The Return Trip

We made it to the farm! It rained pretty much continuously from the time we arrived until the sun set (rather early, it seemed to me), so we didn't do much. But the dogs and I settled in comfortably in our cozy little farm apartment. We met the dog who belonged to the tenants in the main part of the house and it didn't go very well. We'll have to try again on a future visit. Here's all the dogs except Wally getting themselves settled for the night. Wally likes to sleep in the bathroom sometimes, so I'd guess that's where he was when this photo was taken:

Seamus' coy and rather Parisian look was caused by an improperly cut (by me) lock of hair which had begun to cover one eye. I've since snipped it off. In this picture, it's almost dinner time:

When it came time to return home on Monday morning, we began on Route 458, here crossing the St. Regis River:

And looking the other direction along the St. Regis River:

The Adirondack hardwoods were quickly changing colors in the northern part of the region:

And all along the highway, colors were popping:

The northernmost part of Route 458 is high and flat. In this picture, we're heading into the mountainous part of the Adirondack park:

I decided to turn off of 458 onto Route 30 and take a different route home. It turned out to be quite scenic and I'll post pictures of it in the days to come:

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