Saturday, October 17, 2009

Overlook Mountain Hike - Part 3

Reaching the top of the fire tower, my view of the 360 degree panorama was spectacular. The Catskill mountains stretched out in all directions, clad in autumn color. Be sure to click on some of these photos to enlarge them:

I looked down below and saw Seamus waiting for me, though not patiently. That bit of white next to him is Fergus:

To the southeast lies the Hudson River. The sun rays continued to split the air, increasing the beauty of the views:

This colorful rounded mountaintop was Overlook Mountain, the peak on which the fire tower was located, anchored firmly in the bedrock far below where I was standing:

The Catskill range spreading out to the southwest:

This is part of why I love hiking. Who could resist such views as these?:

Again, that's the Hudson River Valley in the distance far below:

Reaching the very top of the fire tower, I began snapping pictures in earnest:

If the hike up the mountain and the climb up the fire tower hadn't already taken my breath away, this view would have done it:

I have no words to add to this beauty:

I can't seem to pick it out in this photo, but I remember that I could see the ruins of Overlook Mountain House in the trees just to the left of the cell phone tower. Maybe you can see them:

The scene below me:

Looking down from the very top, I see other hikers waiting to ascend the fire tower (only 6 at a time were allowed):
And the dogs can hear me and know I'm descending the stairs. They're anxious to start hiking again:

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