Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Northern Adirondacks In Autumn

Still driving north from Albany toward the farm, the dogs and I were seeing some beautiful autumn scenery. Well, to be more accurate, I was seeing beautiful scenery and the dogs were sleeping or bickering. Anyway, this hayfield, forest and Adirondack mountains was near the town of Brighton:

And this inviting scene was undoubtedly private property rather than State land, but I sure would have loved to explore it:

Near the intersection with the road to Lake Clear:

More autumn color and distant Adirondack mountains:

I usually only stop at Mountain Pond on my way home, but thinking I'd likely take another route home this time, I stopped to see the autumn colors on my way northward. I wasn't disappointed. Notice that Fergus and Seamus are scouting the shoreline for terrorist wildlife:

Near the inlet to Mountain Pond I saw this serene scene:

And out a ways into the pond, a lone canoeist was paddling:

As is often the case, the autumn color intensified when I turned onto Route 458, almost to the farm:

This is the highway where I saw the bear cross the road. Lots of other wildlife also. At this point I am getting very close to the farm and feeling anxious to be there. But the scenery is a joy:

The forest alongside Route 458 is mostly State land, part of the Santa Clara Tract:

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