Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back On The Road Again - Still Headed North

These are photos from my trip up to the farm on Sunday, September 27. I took the usual route which leads up through the high peaks. The leaves were changing into their autumn wear with great speed, so the scenery was beautiful:

It quit raining as I traveled, but still the clouds were clinging to the mountains. It obscured a lot of the colorful leaves but had a mysterious beauty all its own:

A typical scene on Route 73 through the Adirondack high peaks region:

Nearing the highest points, the color became intense:

More color along Route 73:

This lovely mountain near the turnoff to Mt. Marcy was turning almost cherry red:

And looking toward the town of Lake Placid, I could again see one of the Olympic ski jump towers:
Remember the John Brown farm? Well, things have changed on John Brown Road in Lake Placid (North Elba) since Mr. Brown resided there. Now, the road is home to some grand mansions. I suppose they paid extra for the scenery:

And looking across some hay fields in Brighton:

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