Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adirondack Route 28N, A Road Of Much Beauty

This wetland spread out from where it abutted the highway. Scenes such as this are why folks love to drive through the Adirondacks. It's not really necessary to hike for miles into the interior, though that certainly has its own merits:

And all along the roadsides, joyful explosions of color:

I suppose that these trees will all too soon be brown and bare, but for the moment I could feel a kind of joyful exhilaration in their colorful exultation:

At the little meadow, encouraging the dogs to move about a bit and stretch their legs:

More wetlands and more joyful color:

Firs and tamaracks surrounded the meadow and balsams filled the air with their aroma:

Winky gave up his crabby demeanor for a puppy-like romp in the autumn grass:

We were exploring the meadow when I noticed this old abandoned cabin across the road:

And this colorful mountain watched over us:

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