Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Trail Head To Deer Pond

We were taking a different route home than usual. The scenery was beautiful and the roads were not overly busy, so I was making good time. Yet the dogs (and I) needed a rest stop. I began searching for a place to pull off the road and saw a small sign for the trail head to Deer Pond. No one was parked there so I pulled in and let the dogs out. I parked next to the forest, let the dogs out of the car and headed down the forest path:

The trail was straight, level and easy to walk (why aren't my hikes ever on such trails?). And it was beautiful, reminding me of childhood fairy tale scenes of the Black Forest. In this photo, I suppose that Casey, Seamus and Fergus are searching for Little Red Riding Hood, probably hoping that she has some doggy treats in Grandma's picnic basket:

And heading further down the woodland path. I'd have loved to have hiked all the way to Deer Pond. These 3 dogs are convinced we're on our way:

Wren and Winky are, of course, lagging way behind the rest of us. But Wally has caught up with us as we approach a sunny clearing in the woods:

Fergus has tracked a chipmunk! Red Alert! Chipmunk alarm!:

Wait, Dad. Something has peed here. You wanna sniff it?:

Winky has now joined the pack, while Fergus has gone after the illusive chipmunk. Wren is likely sitting back near the parked car resting:

No, here's Wren! She's patiently waiting for us to return to the car and resume our journey home. She has some heavy napping to catch up on:

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