Friday, October 2, 2009

The Adirondacks When It Rains

I've been posting photos of beautifully clear skied Adirondack days, placid pools reflecting autumn color, yellow hay fields and flowering Goldenrod. Well, it wasn't such lovely weather this past weekend when I drove up to the farm. It was raining continuously from the moment I left Albany until I entered the Adirondack park. So, for a change of pace, here's some photos of the mountains when it rains. In the first photos, the mountaintop is hidden in a cloud:

In this rain, a valley between two mountains is filling with puffs of mist:

And the mountainsides are coloring for autumn while clouds and mists drift by:

Yellow and orange leaves glisten in the rain alongside the highway:

Yes, across the valley that's a waterfall cascading down the side of the mountain:

There's high peaks off in the distance but they're almost hidden in the clouds:

And standing at the guard rail, I photographed the deep valley below:

Mysterious mists envelop the landscape:

This tar paper covered building was next to a nice house in a beautiful location in St. Huberts, NY, at the foot of the high peaks:

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