Saturday, October 24, 2009

Provincetown - Part 4

Still on MacMillan Wharf at daybreak, I was fascinated and charmed by the fishing fleet, some ships coming to life as their crews arrived for work and some ships apparently allowed to sleep in late. Well, it was a Sunday morning after all:

That red building held a sunken treasure museum which I would have loved to see but never got a chance. They did, however, have an outdoor display of an ancient cannon rescued from a sunken ship:

Another immature Herring Gull watches over the drowsy wharf:

This fisherman removes the tarp so he can begin his day:

I couldn't verify this, but we believed that building at the end of a nearby pier was where some famous playwrights and poets once performed their works:

A pair of fishing boats snooze together in the morning half-light:

The gulls are awake, noisy and working for their breakfast. The fishing fleet is just awakening:

Morning has arrived over MacMillan Wharf:

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