Friday, October 23, 2009

Provincetown - Part 3, Dawn Breaks Over MacMillan Wharf

On Sunday morning I was, as usual, awake and out of bed at a ridiculously early hour. I knew that most people in Provincetown sleep late and most businesses, therefore, don't open until 10:00 or later. So I was unsure where I'd find a cup of coffee. I took a walk down Commercial Street to MacMillan Wharf and watched the sun rise over Cape Cod Bay:

I did, by the way, find a little place on the wharf selling early morning coffee and breakfast sandwiches to the fisherman as they began their day. The sun was just beginning to rise up over the horizon:

The sky was changing moment by moment, painted red one moment and silver the next. There was at the beginning an eerie silence, but the gulls and other birds were increasingly active and increasingly noisy:

Most of Provincetown was sleeping on the shore line, quaint little clapboard or shingled structures which had weathered hundreds of storms:

As the sun burst over the horizon it became more difficult to get photos:

And it was very chilly. I'd forgotten to bring a jacket and had to buy a hooded sweatshirt in town when I arrived:

As I proceeded out onto the wharf I began to see Provincetown's fishing fleet:

MacMillan Wharf is quite long and as I walked out farther and farther, I could see the sleepy town lying behind the docked boats back on the shore:

There is a real fishing fleet here in addition to the pleasure boats, whale watching ships, ferries and commercial sailing vessels:

As the sun continued to rise, I saw the Pilgrim Monument back on land:

This fisherman rowed out to his boat which was anchored out in the harbor. It was time for him to start his work day. I saw other men loading barrels of cut-up fish into their boat for use as bait:

It would be difficult to imagine a more scenic sunrise scenario. It made for a fine start to my day:

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