Saturday, October 3, 2009

After The Rain

I ate last Christmas dinner with friends and met a woman there who said she used to play the organ at an Adirondack chapel in St. Huberts, NY. I wondered where there might be a chapel until last weekend when I explored a side road and passed this one shimmering in the rainy morning:

Clouds were dropping lower and covering the mountains as seen from houses in the valleys:

The rain stopped for a while as I crossed the Ausable River:

Wilderness to explore as the Ausable River curls through Adirondack woodlands:

This modest little house in St. Huberts is for sale in case you are interested:

This was the trail head (see the parked cars?) for those hiking up Roostercomb Mountain. I hiked it many years ago but began at the Marcy Air Field trail head:

Even though the rain had ended (temporarily), small wisps of clouds still clung to the mountains:

The two horses in this pasture had themselves quite a lovely view:

Mountains embrace farm fields in the Keane Valley:

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