Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Rest Stop At The Cascade Lakes

As I drove up out of the Keane Valley and into the high peaks on Route 73, I came once again to the Cascade chain of lakes. As I approached the little peninsular park in the midst of the lakes, I was surprised to see that no one was there in spite of the roads being busy with tourists gawking at the leaves. So I turned in and let the dogs out for a frolic. Well, yes, for a poop also:

Seamus, Fergus and Casey are sniffing the smells and ignoring the beautiful scenery. Dogs have a different agenda:

I've never crossed this little bridge which leads off into the mountains because I'm always pressed for time and because I have 6 dogs with me, several of whom are a bit elderly to be hiking. But I may just explore a bit one of these days. Somewhere up in those rocky crags I have, in previous visits, seen a waterfall cascading down a mountainside:

With mountain lakes lapping up close to the parking lot on 2 sides and mountains clad in autumn color all around, this is a nice place to be. Both for me and for the dogs:

The park sits quite close to the highway, which you can glimpse just behind those orange and red trees:

And more rocky peaks just on the other side of the water:

Fergus and Seamus happily explore the parking area:

I loaded all 6 dogs back up into my little car and continued on my way to the farm:

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