Sunday, October 18, 2009

Overlook Mountain Hike - Part 4

I made my way back down the stairs of the fire tower and was reunited with Seamus and Fergus:

We were about to begin our hike back down the mountain when someone told me about a spur trail leading to some ledges with scenic overlooks. So off we went to check them out. The views were toward the east, looking out over the Hudson River Valley below. A group of people with 3 Pit Bulls was there ahead of us. Luckily, both the Pit Bulls and the people were friendly. Here, I hold both dogs AWAY from the edge as the Pit Bull owner snaps our photo:

But we did finally begin our hike back down the mountain:

We stopped for a rest below a group of rocks typical of the area:

I took a couple of side trails just to explore the forest. Here, Seamus and Fergus take a rest:

Off the trail once again, the dogs and I are climbing around rock outcroppings and seeing fascinating vegetation. Fergus looks surprised here. Maybe I came out from behind a rock and caught him unawares:

Seamus was happy to sit still for this photo, but Fergus thought I was up to something and didn't want to get too close:

Back on the trail once again, we met lots of friendly people and friendly dogs:

The Mountain Maples were shedding brilliantly colored leaves such as these surrounding Aster flowers:

And when I got back to my car, I was surprised to notice that I had parked next to a Buddhist monastery:

This, I suppose, is the monastery's dormitory:

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