Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clouds, Mountains And Autumn Color

From this site in the Keane Valley, there's generally high peaks visible for miles, rolling off into the skyline. On this day last weekend, the clouds had shrouded all but the closest of the mountains. I love the look of clouds clinging to the mountainsides just after a rain:
The autumn color continues to get richer with each passing week:

As you can tell, these misty mountains are right alongside the highway, Route 73. Who could ask for better scenery?:

As I drove north, the sun occasionally broke through the clouds, lighting up the hillsides:

Entering the town of Keane, the high peaks normally towering above it are mostly hidden by low clouds:

At first glance, this scene looks clear and sunny. But notice that there's mountains wrapped in clouds in the background:

Folks who live here have friendly giants for neighbors:

And ascending up into the high peaks and out of the Keane Valley, I saw yet more color, more clouds, more mountains:

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